Flower Air 12

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Flower Air 12 is Kona’s bestselling docking platform. It gives the instructor a perfect overview and contact with its fitness or yoga class from his or her position at the middle of the platform. Flower Air 12 is ideal when the platform can stay inflated between classes and is stationary. Should it be needed to be removed, it can easily be stored and inflated. Altogether 22 boards can be anchored into the platform plus the instructor in the center, however we recommend 11 boards plus one instructor for the optimal experience. Flower Air 12 is ideal for both outdoor and indoor in hotels, training centers and swimming facilities.

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Practicing yoga or doing fitness training on a paddleboard (SUP) in water is a truly unique experience. You will immediately get absorbed by the element and every little muscle in the body gets their fair share of exercise.

The concept is composed by two parts;

  • the boards and the platform.
  • the yoga and fitness programs.

The platform is a unique invention, inflatable like the boards, which enables the instructor to always be in the middle and the boards docking into the platform keeping the group together.

Additional information


Weight (without package)

26.5 lbs, 12 kg

Outer dimension

105×79", 266×200 cm

Center spot size

78×54", 200×137 cm

Max pressure

15 PSI (1,03 bar)


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