Kona One board

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The original, a board for a lifetime

Kona One is the one design class of the future. With its unique design unifying the qualities of the classical race boards with the features of modern short boards this is the board to learn, to race and to master. Thanks to it’s long rocker line and step tail construction this is the board for all conditions. Is has superior sub-planing conditions upwind and thanks to the step tail it behaves like a short board when planing making it possible to sail even upwind on the fin with great wave performance and smooth jibing qualities.

A love of a lifetime.

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Length Width Volume Weight (without package) Material Suggested Rider Weight Range
350 cm 70 cm 220 L 15,5 kg AST 50 kg – 100 kg

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Weight 22 kg

2 reviews for Kona One board

  1. Jerome Samson

    This is the board that started a whole new class of windsurfing about ten years ago! My kids learned to windsurf on it, and it’s the one I use for racing too. Technically, it’s the bridge we had been waiting for, between today’s modern windsurfing scene and the longboard racing days of yore. If you’re a racer and one-design is in your blood, you know what you’re getting into: a straightforward fun-machine and an instant community of hundreds of like-minded watersports enthusiasts! But even if racing isn’t on your radar, this board planes fast, jibes tight and cruises effortlessly in the light breeze. Super versatile, and perfect to explore the coastline while everyone else is sinking in the lulls or going back ashore to switch rigs. It can take a lot of abuse, and the padding on the deck is the icing on the cake – just what your shins need on those (rare!) occasions when you’re blowing a jibe. I have only good things to say about this board and what it’s brought to the windsurfing scene.

  2. Tony C

    I am relatively new to sport now in my 6th year. The Kona One is the perfect board for me. It has allowed me to progress and develop my sailing skills. It is very well built and durable. The EVA deck makes it great for beginners, while the stepped tail lets it plane like a short board. It excels in a wide variety of conditions. Kona groups and regattas are popping up all over the US, so it is easy to find an event nearby. One board, one sail is the way to go.

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