Air rig

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Inflatable rig, the beginner’s dream

When the Kona Windsurfing team began the development of a new rig line the ambition was clear – create the most convenient beginner rig possible. It comes in three sizes, weighs between 1,2 kg to 1,5 kg depending on size fits in a small bag.

The target group for this rig is kids, beginner windsurfers and paddleboarders that want a convenient way to test windsurfing in light conditions.

*rigs include mastbase.

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Air Rig was Kona Windsurfing’s great success last year, the reason is quite simple because children and beginners starts windsurfing directly without any obstacles. Enjoy the charm of windsurfing within a couple of minutes thanks to Kona Air Rig.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Rider weight

< 25 kg select 2.2, < 45 kg select 3.2, < 75 kg select 4.2

Max pressure


Weight (without package)

1.25 kg for 2.2, 1.4 kg for 3.2, and 1.5 kg for 4.2


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