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Learn more about the equipment from Mr. Tinho Dornellas, Calema Windsurfing & Watersports, FL, USA.

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Leran more about your Kona One.

There are important to check the VIDEO becourse you can make shortcuts and save you equipment a lot.

Explan the Kona One board

Learn more about the idea about the Kona One board. Details like centerboard, fin, mastrack & rigging

Kona One Rig

An rig who are adjust right are much more powerfull and easy to use.


With centerboard you create good lightwind upwind performace.



It´s important ti tight the mastbase into the track propert so you not lose the rig.

Installing the fin

To have an tight fin you create more lift who create more power wen you like to get in planingmode.

Kona Board Setup

Make the setup right create better experience and more fun sailing.

Carry the board

If you learn how to carry the board right you will save power for the sailing.


To have an proper gasket and glued centerboard make it´s easy to adjust the centerboard under sailing

Wentscrew (generation 1)

Wentscrew are important to not get ower or underpressure into the board.

How to adjust the foostraps

To have right possition on the foostrapes make the sailing more fun and fast.