With its integrated storage and access solution Kona Windsurfing presents a new offer to the surfing, windsurfing and paddle board communities. The Sportbox has an app based lock enabling easy booking and safe access to either boards or kayaks in a storage solution with up to 200 compartments.

– The sharing economy has great potential also within surfing and paddling. A growing number of users look for access to water, not ownership of equipment. Our solution aims to meet this demand, Joachim Larsson, CEO of Kona Windsurfing and inventor ot the Sportbox solution, says.

The Sportbox consists of two parts. The scalable box construction has up to 200 individual compartments where it is possible to store surf boards, windsurfing equipments, paddle boards or cayaks. The other part is the app based lock. This enables the individual user to book and access the equipment in a convenient and safe way.

Full scale Sportbox solution is currently being installed in the San Francisco area at 101 Surf Sport’s premises.

David Wells, Court Larnet

CO Owners, Surf 101, Redwood City & San Rafael

– It is a great privilege to have such a prominent company as our first client with whom we hope to create an entirely new pattern of usage within surfing and other watersports. We share the same vision and belief in the power of the sharing economy, Joachim Larsson says.

The first full scale Sportbox solution is currently being installed in the San Francisco area at 101 Surf Sport’s premises.

101 Surf Sports is a full-service water sports sporting goods retailer serving the San Francisco Bay area from San Rafael, California. The company supports stand up paddle boarding, windsurfing, kayaking, outrigger canoe, and kiteboarding. 101 Surf Sport’s focus is building a community of people that love the water and is ready to pay it forward.

Kona Windsurfing believes that the new solution can increase the accessibility for a great number of people to water sports that for financial or logistical reasons do not want to own their own equipment.
– We want to be part of and foster a growing conscious movement in society. On average an equipment is used five hours a week. This use can easily be increased five times. We believe this is an opportunity for entrepreneurs, municipalities, surf and sailing clubs, Joachim Larsson says.

Kona Windsurfing is an international windsurfing and paddle board company based in Sweden operating in all continents. In 2016 the company was awarded brand of the year in the windsurfing category at Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Further information:
joachim@konaone.com, +46-70-589 09 08

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